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Charcoal for Industries

Basically this charcoal is used in non-ferrous metallurgy to prevent oxidation of the metal. Also it is used for production of activated carbon and carburizing. This charcoal meets the standard DIN 51749.

Charcoal for Restaurant

Charcoal for restaurants has fraction from 2.5 to 25 cm. It has a dense structure which ensures its integrity during transportation. Charcoal is smokeless and odorless. Mostly this charcoal is used in restaurants and other catering companies during the cooking.

charcoal powder

Wood coal dust (charcoal powder) for the production of biomass briquettes is for industrial purposes. The product is formed by inoculating the raw coal. The raw material for production of wood coal dust is waste wood raw coal and a binder.

Charcoal Packing

Unique shapes mean unmatched performance. Grill Trade charcoal has a distinctive appearance because it’s pure, 100% wood that’s never pressed like synthetic briquettes. That means it’s more responsive to oxygen changes, giving you superior temperature control.Our charcoal lights easily and heats up in a flash, so you’re ready to cook in minutes. Grilltrade charcoal burns hotter, sealing in juices for bolder, more flavorful food, helping you go gourmet at the grill. And it burns longer and cleaner, with less ash for faster cleanup.

NO WASTE Charcoal

As our charcoal is processed and bagged, the small pieces (or “fines”) that fall through the grating are collected and sold to companies that produce briquettes. There is nothing wasted or discarded in the charcoal manufacturing process. ABOUT


Our kraft paper bag is recyclable, made from natural wood pulp. The soy-based inks used on the bag are landfill-safe and will not produce harmful fumes if burned. Our bag can be crumpled up and placed in the bottom of a chimney starter or campfire.


From the start, not a single tree is harvested for making charcoal alone. Our charcoal is made exclusively from hardwood left over from timber milling operations (and never from softwoods, flooring, molding, or any scraps that might contain those materials or resin). The operators we use follow forest management standards and harvest trees responsibly.

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